Black Box Insurance for Limited Mileage Policies

Do you only drive your car a few thousand miles a year? If so, you can save money on your car insurance by paying a reduced rate to recognise the amount your vehicle is on the roads. Traditionally, limited mileage policies have only been available for classic cars, which are often only used in the summer.

But at Adrian Flux, we recognise that some motorists only need to use their cars for short or local journeys, or maybe you're cutting down to save on fuel. So shouldn't you reap the benefits of your reduced car use? Our new Smart Box limited mileage policy is suitable for almost any type of car, and the fewer miles you drive, the less your premium will be.

What does limited mileage mean?

When you take out your policy, you will provide us with a realistic estimate of your annual mileage. Your premium will be based on this estimate. We will fit your car with a black box, which measures your mileage to make sure you stay within your limit.

A black box - will that assess my driving?

No. Some black box car insurance policies that use this technology offer discounts or premium loads by using telematics to assess your accelerating, braking and cornering. Our policy does not monitor your driving skills and, as long as you stay within your mileage limit, there will be no additional premiums to pay. And unlike many other black boxes, there are no curfews, so with a Smart Box you can drive at any time of the day or night without worrying about any penalties.

What else does the black box do?

The box records data which may be used to determine the circumstances of incidents and claims involving your vehicle. Here's the clever bit. If you have an accident in your car, the box will send a message to our claims handlers to notify them of a sudden change in g-forces. They will then telephone the device itself, which can be used as a phone, to check you are OK and see if emergency services are required. They can then take down details of the incident immediately, speeding up the claims process and helping to prevent potentially fraudulent claims by asking for information about the other vehicle - such as how many people are in the vehicle. If they do not receive a response from your car, emergency services will be alerted and directed to the location, potentially saving lives. You can also easily report a claim or get help in an incident yourself - at the touch of a button, you will be connected to an emergency helpline, where trained advisers are on hand to help with any issue or problem.

What else should I know?

All the usual Adrian Flux benefits are available with our limited mileage policy, including:

  • Protected No-Claims Bonus - so one accident won't ruin your unblemished driving record.
  • Breakdown cover from only £36 a year
  • Free legal expenses cover
  • Small, discrete black box unit.
  • No installation fees, the Smartbox is easy to install yourself with no mechanical, electrical or DIY skills required.
  • No hidden costs - there is no subscription fee or line rental to pay

With more than 40 years' experience of insuring all types of cars for all types of drivers, here at Adrian Flux we take each driver's personal circumstances into account when quoting a premium, rather than just relying on a computer system.

Black Box Insurance Quote

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