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Do you think finding insurance for your car is difficult?

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April 18, 2006
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Flux solves the Street Sleeper insurance nightmare

Insuring your car or bike can be a pain at the best of times. So how hard is it to insure a motorised sofa? Luckily that’s not a question most of us will ever need to ask, but one person who did is Edd China, proprietor of Cummfy Banana, a manufacturer of ‘unusual’ vehicles. It was lucky for him, that he asked Adrian Flux, as we were able to say ‘it’s easy’!

Cummfy Banana’s famous creations include the ‘Casual Lofa’, the world’s fastest sofa with a top speed of 87mph, the four poster bed ‘Street Sleeper’ (with a claimed 0-60 of ’40 winks’), and the ‘Bog Standard’, a Victorian bathroom built on a motorbike and sidecar combination. They may look a little odd but most of them are ‘street legal’ and perfectly safe (in the right hands).

But that didn’t convince the insurers that Edd first approached.

“Getting insurance was a complete nightmare,” he says. “Our original insurance company suddenly decided to withdraw our cover after seven years, for no apparent reason and only giving us a week’s notice. We rang round loads of insurers but it was Flux that came up with the goods.”

Apart from a couple of curios and race-only machines, all the vehicles needed comprehensive insurance cover including both private hire and public liability.

Adrian Flux is one of the leading names in insurance for modified, kit and custom cars and motorbikes and can offer cover for almost any combination of driver and vehicle. We are able to offer agreed valuation cover and like-for-like replacement of modifications or custom parts, so vehicles are insured for what they are really worth.

So next time you have problems insuring the vehicle of your dreams, give us a call on 08000 838 833 or visit

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