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Man crashes 33 cars in 23 years

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April 21, 2006
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Some people have all the luck, or so they say, and it seems that may apply to bad luck too!

A postman has finally learnt how to ride a bicycle after crashing 33 cars in 23 years.

Croatian Franjo Pozgaj, 39, crashed his first car at the age of 16 and has wrecked at least one a year since.

The postie from Pokupska Luka in central Croatia said: “The first car I crashed was my father’s Audi when I was 16 and I once totally wrote off a new Renault just 20 minutes after I had bought it. I just seem to have bad luck with cars.”

Pozgaj, who claims he has never suffered more than a few bruises from any of his crashes, has finally decided to hang up his car keys for a while and will try his luck with a bicycle instead.

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