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WHAM! Careless Driver or Careless Whisper?

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April 19, 2006
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George Michael is in a spot of bother after apparently managing to prang 3 park cars with his Range Rover Vogue in London. The singer may face considerable problems, as it seems that he failed to report the bizarre accident on Sunday morning.

Says the Mirror:

Witnesses who rushed from their houses yesterday morning after hearing a loud crash discovered the dishevelled ex-Wham singer sitting in his Range Rover staring at a dented grey Ford Fiesta.

He then started to drive away but hit the rear of a SECOND parked car, a white Peugeot 406. The impact sent the Peugeot shunting foward into the front of the THIRD stationary motor, a green Rover 218 that had been parked a few feet away.

The maximum penalty for failing to report a prang is up to 6 months in jail, so George risked more than just his no-claims discount by driving away from the scene.

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