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Are your insurance details safe?

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May 19, 2006
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How organised are you with your insurance?

Would you be able to quickly lay your hands on the insurance details you would need in the event of a claim, along with all the correct documents?

And what if you needed to make a claim while away from home?

If you’re like me, thinking about that has got you worrying, but luckily there is an answer! Adrian Flux Insurance has launched a free online service that allows users keep track of all their insurance policies and contact details on one convenient, secure web site.

My Insurance File, holds details of all your insurance policies, from any insurance company and all types of insurance – car, household, personal effects and health insurance, life assurance, pet insurance and more.

Once your details are on the system, you can get at them from anywhere with internet access, with full SSL security. The service also offers a number of useful add-ons, including free reminders of when policies renewals and tax and document deadlines fall due, and the ability to get automatic quotes to renew your policies.

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