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Would you like to see car thieves getting their comeuppance?

In that case, you’ll want to visit

It seems that the law enforcement agencies of British Columbia in Canada have decided on a new tactic in the fight against car criminals. They park desirable cars in high crime areas. They get nicked. Unfortunately for the crooks, though, the cars are fitted with an array of high-tech gadgetry and surveillance equipment, and after they’ve let the perps incriminate themselves sufficiently, the police swoop and arrest the villains.

Then they put the videos on their website.

Of course, if they tried that over here the offenders would probably scream for a Human Rights lawyer before you could say “Cherie Blair.”

  • Ben Orlando

    Other famous drivers seen at the show included Stefanie Gork Ruiz-Herrera, David Brabham, Alexander Wurtz and British favourite all rounder Barrie ‘Wizzo’ Williams.