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Adrian Flux has a Quiz Night

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June 29, 2006
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Last night we had the first official Flux quiz night since 1993, in the marquee
Managers v Staff teams. Staff won by a mile – thanks to one member of management!

As usual for any quiz, one question came up that caused a lot of debate – what was the first car to have a turbo fitted, make and model?

The quizmaster Paul had Porsche 911. Our resident guru Dan Clark was sure it was BMW 2002. Turns out that both were wrong. We checked later, and correct answer was the Oldsmobile Cutlass Jetfire, 1962.

I should have known that, as I’ve been quoting for yanks for 15 years now! I could have kicked myself.

The winning team was “Darwin’s Unnatural Selection”. Team members: Craig “spread betting” Darwin, David “tour de Norfolk” Wilson, Jemma “I’m in Max Power” Stanton, Jenny “I’ve had an accident” Bray and Nicola “France did not win the woman’s world cup” Bray.

There’s a really good history of the turbo here: It settled our argument straight away.

Most of our customers with turbos are enthusiasts who know how they work, but if you’ve got one and you always wondered what’s happening under the bonnet, try this link:

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