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If you think you’re football crazy, then take a look at Kanyaboyina Sudhakar. Even though India hasn’t qualified for the World Cup 2006 tournament in Germany (it starts this week apparently!), he’s constructed a commemorative car. But this is more than a couple of paper flags fluttering noisily out of the back windows. His car is in the shape of a football. He also has one in the shape of a boot.

Full story at ITV News (Link Removed)

He also has a website – the punningly named (Link Removed) showcasing his museum where he has 30 hand-built cars on display.

If,like Mr Sudhakar you have a passion for hand-built cars, whether from kits, or custom made, then you really ought to call us for an insurance quote. The number is 08000 83 88 33, or click here!

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