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Obviously robbing banks is very bad and you should never do it, but if you are going to , at least make sure you follow these simple rules, which will make sure your getaway is as smooth as possible.

  1. Don’t hail a taxi as your getaway car.
  2. If you rent your getaway car, make sure you use a false name.
  3. Don’t drive into a prison as you make your escape.
  4. Don’t use a car with no engine.
  5. Pick a low-crime area for your heist – your getaway car may be stolen otherwise!
  6. Don’t hire a stretch limo for your getaway car.
  7. Don’t use a 5hp mini-moto either.
  8. Don’t take your toddler in the back seat.
  9. Make sure your car is big enough to hold the items you plan to steal.
  10. Don’t try and carjack a cop car.
  11. Make sure your getaway driver can drive and try not to run over your accomplices.
  12. and finally – never, ever use a Reliant Robin as your getaway car.

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