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Well, finally the government claims to be clamping down on the menace of parking contractors. And about time too, given some of the absolutely ludicrous parking fines issued during the past few years, which have been carefully catalogued for the Craziest Parking Ticket Awards (Link Changed) by the website.

They include:

  • The driving instructor who got a parking ticket when his pupil stalled during a three point turn. Can’t fault the warden for speed, at least!
  • The man who got a parking ticket whilst he was paying for a parking permit.
  • A Hendon man, who parked his car legally in the morning in an area with no parking restrictions but returned to his car later the same day to find a yellow line had been painted up to his car and a ticket slapped on his windscreen.
  • The Good Samaritan taxi driver, who stopped to help a woman who was ill in the back of his cab and got a parking ticket as he was phoning for an ambulance.
  • Four cars in the cortege at a funeral which were ticketed whilst mourners paid their respects.
  • The driver who stopped to ask a traffic warden for directions — and got a £50 ticket from the warden’s colleague.
  • The Swedish man who received a parking ticket for his snowmobile (which had never left Sweden) for an alleged parking offence in Warwick.
  • And, possibly maddest of all, a man who was thrown from his scooter and left lying in the road in London with a broken leg. As he was being put into the ambulance with its lights flashing, and with a nearby police car in attendance, his damaged bike was given a £100 parking ticket by a Lambeth Parking attendant.

As if that’s not bad enough, what happens when your car gets towed for a parking violation can be even worse. Pity the unlucky punter whose £50k Jaguar XK was accidentally dropped on another punter’s Ford Ka at a car pound in Poplar, East London.

But don’t ever be tempted to take the same way out of the parking nightmare as Kimberly Du, of Iowa. To avoid $500 of accumulated fines, she went to the somewhat extreme length of faking her own death and forged a letter telling a judge she had died in a car crash. She allegedly included a fake obituary, made to look like a page from the local paper’s website.

Unfortunately for Kim, the case began to unravel when the police pulled Du for another traffic ticket – a month after she ‘died’. She now faces up to five years in prison for fraud.

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