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Q: How do you cut all crime by 43%?

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August 4, 2006
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A: Crack down on uninsured drivers.

It seems unlikely doesn’t it, but anyone who thinks that driving whilst uninsured is a victimless crime should read this.

Police in Hounslow launched a pilot zero-tolerance clampdown on cars without valid insurance. After removing 330 vehicles from the street, crime in all categories across the pilot area nosedived.

Pilot schemes are also underway in Scotland, and crushing uninsured cars will soon be common practice across the country.

Here at Adrian Flux we have a reputation for bringing down premiums for the types of drivers who traditionally pay more than average, so son’t let that be your excuse for going without cover. Read our top money saving tips for younger drivers, or read our info for convicted drivers. Then give us a call for your own quote.

4 responses to “Q: How do you cut all crime by 43%?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Can anybody advise or help explain which is the best Security/tracking product on the market. I am taking delivery of a new M5 and I would like to keep hold of it so if possible I want to get something beyond the usual dealer fitted Tracker. I have heard that you can get remotely immobilising systems now but that they are pricey. Help.

  2. Dave Wilson says:

    >I can’t recommend a particular security device, but suggest you give Thatcham a try,
    , as they are the security experts to the insurance industry. FWIW I understand that the BMW fitted tracker and immobiliser is a pretty good one.

    Their phone number is 0870 5502006.

    Hope that helps, have fun with the M5!


  3. Anonymous says:

    >Hi I saw you messages and hope you can help me out. Do you know anything about a company called i-mob?
    My friend has one fitted and she loves it but there doesn’t seem to be much on the Thatcham website about them. Their website looks good but I would like to know a bit more if you could help.
    P.S Dominic is a lovely name.

  4. Dave Wilson says:

    >Like I said, I can’t recommend a particular system as being better than any other – not that I’m in any way a security expert. The i-mob system is recognised by most (if not all) of the underwriters we use as being an effective system. It’s been around a few years now and the system seems to be reasonably popular, with around 40,000 units fitted in the UK & European markets with a US launch in the pipeline. There is a BBC article here.

    Hope that is of some use to you.


    PS Thanks, we like it too! The reason I have taken a while to reply is that Thursday was Dominic’s 1st birthday, so I took some time off.

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