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8 Fibs You Tell Your Insurer at Your Peril…

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September 12, 2006
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Lying is a major problem for insurance companies. But it could be even more of a problem for the drivers who lie in order to get a cheaper premium. They may well find out that their deception is detected only at the time they need to make a claim.

Some of the most commont pork pies people are tempted to tell their insurance company:

  1. Business use – not declaring business use for your car. This is especially tempting to part timers and home workers, but if you use your car for business purposes you need to tell us.
  2. Withholding motoring convictions – in some cases convictions will add nothing to the premium, in other cases they will add a smaller or larger amount, but Adrian Flux can offer you a good value quote, whatever your history, so don’t risk driving around on invalid insurance – you’ll only pick up another conviction if you’re caught.
  3. Withholding criminal convictions – where others can’t quote, Adrian Flux can. Again, don’t risk invalidating your insurance.
  4. Fronting – insuring your car in the name of a parent or older relative. This is probably one of the most common lies told to insurance companies. This is why quotes are always rated on the youngest named driver. Honesty is always the best policy.
  5. Undisclosed modifications to the car – Adrian Flux can cover pretty much any modification going, from body styling to nitrous kits. Some mods add nothing and might even reduce the premium. In any case we will cover all your modifications on a like for like basis, so please tell us about them all.
  6. Lying about your claims history – If you’re not detected when you take out the policy, you will be found out if you have to claim again. Insurers now have very sophisticated software, introduced to combat organised fraud, which analyses claims for patterns – all the insurance companies share the claims data to cut fraud to a minimum.
  7. Incorrect licence – some drivers will claim a full UK licence when they actually have a licence from another country. Not a good idea if you want the insurer to pay out in the event of a claim.
  8. Giving an alternate address – I heard of one case where a young man who lived and worked in central London had told the insurance company that his main address was in a Swansea suburb, where his parents lived. The massive savings on his car insurance were more than negated when he had to make a claim and investigators found out the truth.

If you are tempted to lie because you feel you may be refused a quote, then come to Adrian Flux. We can find an insurance policy for almost any driver, but you should always tell us the whole truth, or you policy will be worthless when the time comes to claim, even if the thing you lied about is irrelevant to the incident. We will always do our very best to help you, and unlike companies that provide quotes from a computer screen, our underwriters can take all factors into account when calculating your premium. Give us a call on 0800-083-8833.

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