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Admiral researches the blindingly obvious

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September 12, 2006
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They have to keep the bloody parrot occupied somehow between wall to wall TV adverts, and it seems they’ve got him running their research department for them, now.

At least that’s the only explanation I could come up with. Who else but a birdbrain would commission research that found out that drivers of fast cars are more likely to be caught speeding!

Specifically, people driving cars with engines over 2.5 litres are 69 percent more likely to be caught speeding than drivers of cars with engine sizes below 1 litre.

So it’s easier to get caught speeding in a high-performance BMW than in a Smart or Micra. Well, thanks, guys, I’d never have guessed that…

In other shock news, fire has been found to be generally quite hot, and water a little bit wet.

They also remind people that getting caught speeding will send you insurance premiums up. Here at Adrian Flux we take a more enlightened view than most of our competitors. We know that speeding tickets are an almost inevitable consequence of driving in the 21st century and so we don’t stack punishing loads onto our policies just because you’ve picked up a fixed penalty or two (or three or four…)

For example, a 30-year-old male driver of a Ford Puma 1.6 living in postcode CW1 with 3 SP30 convictions and 4 years NCB would pay just £315 for comprehensive cover with a £250 excess.

And a 50 year old male living in postcode PR5 and just back from a 6-month ban after 4 SP30s would pay only £500 to insure his Jaguar XJ8 with 4 years NCB and a £300 excess.

Check our website for further information and more sample quotes.

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