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Favourite fictional car

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September 18, 2006
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Lloyds TSB have done a poll to find out which star car is the one most people would like to own.

The winner was KITT from Knight Rider. KITT, as aficionados will know, is a Pontiac Firebird TransAm. In the TV show it had a host of features, like Turbo Boost, Ski Mode and various gas attack type things. Of course, the most notable thing was that it talked and had a somewhat camp demeanour and frequent lovers tiffs with the Hoff.

I tried getting a quote on a TransAm from Lloyds, but their online quotes engine didn’t want to know – didn’t have any Pontiacs listed at all in fact. We can cover a 1988 model valued at £6,000 for £185.*

If you’ve fitted a red swishy light, new interior and electrics and stolen Professor Stephen Hawking’s voice synthesiser in an effort to create an exact replica of the “real” KITT, your premium may be a little more. Particularly if you’ve added a “Super Turbo Boost” button that actually works! But you can still get your own quote from Adrian Flux…

Fans of this particular car can get extra value, though. A Firebird TransAm (various model years) was also used in the Smokey And The Bandit films, so if you ever get bored of pretending to be the Hoff (and who would?) (Link Removed) you can pretend to be Burt Reynolds instead.

*That’s for a 45 year old male driver in FK10 postcode driving 3,000 miles a year.

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