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Flux on the BBC

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September 13, 2006
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Well, sort of. You may have seen Steve Coogan’s latest comedy, Saxondale, where Steve plays an ex-roadie pest controller. In the show Saxondale has an unhealthy obsession with his classic Ford Mustang in yellow.

So far so good. Until Craig gets our copy of Mustang News, the essential read for all Mustang enthusiasts. They’ve got a feature on the car used in the show. One of the screenshots from the show has Saxondale reading his copy of Mustang News. (Getting there, promise). Only Craig would be observant (who said sad) enough to spot our ad on the back!

If you’re inspired by Saxondale to get a Mustang you’ll be pleased to know we can cover both classic and modern versions of this iconic car. We’ll insure your Bedford Rascal too! And for Coogan obsessives, we’ll do your Gareth Cheeseman Ford Probe and any number of Lexi as well.

Here’s a Mustang quote: 06 Ford Mustang, Male driver, 25, BH21 postcode, Valued at £25,000, 2 SP30 convictions (6 points) – covered fully comp for £800. Get yours at

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