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Mummy, I just bought a car!

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September 27, 2006
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Dumb parents of the week, Rachel and John Neal left their computer logged on, with all passwords stored, then acted all surprised when little Jack, 3, “a real whiz” according to his mum went shopping online.

The first they knew about his venture into the world of Ebay was when an e-mail arrived congratulating them on the purchase of a £9,000 motor.

Next morning, Jack came down the stairs and proudly announced, “Mummy, I’ve bought a car.”

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The motor in question was a 1991 Nissan Figaro in Barbie pink.

When Jack’s a bit older, perhaps he’ll wish to join the illustrious company of Vanessa Feltz, Wayne Hemingway, Joss Stone and Eric Clapton, who all drive Nissan Figaros.

And if he wants to insure his Figaro, there’s no better choice than Adrian Flux. Our cherished department specialise in Japanese grey imports, like the turbocharged Figaro, and a 23 year old male in a Sleaford postcode would pay as little as £380*. So all Jack needs to do is get 20 years older overnight.

*That’s on a limited mileage policy and assuming a full NCB and no motoring convictions

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