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Strangest Car Names

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September 29, 2006
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Seeing the announcement of the new Kia Proceed at the Paris Motor Show got me thinking about some of the more idiosyncratic names that manufacturers have given their cars.

You’ve probably noticed that most of these cars are of japanese or american origin. Luckily, if you feel drawn to drive a car with an exotic name like one of the above, there is one insurer who will have heard of it! With great rates for japanese grey imports and american dream cars too, we can give you a great quote on your strangely named pride and joy.

Skoda have just announced something called a “Joyster”!

One response to “Strangest Car Names”

  1. Andrew Denny says:

    >Hey, you missed out the VW Sharan.

    OK, I know it’s not spelled the correct girly way, but it sounds the same, and anyway, can Sharon spell?

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