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George Michael is at it again, this time found slumped at the wheel of a Beemer.

The middle-aged ex-Wham frontman with a penchant for portly van drivers seemingly decided to take a nap at some traffic lights in North London. Fearing for his health local residents called 999 and poor old George got a rude awakening from his slumber as the police banged on his windscreen. They let him off with a caution. More here, here & here.

George really does seem to be a danger on the road, given his previous form.

  • Whitesam Sam

    Traps with insurance companies abound and it pays to be honest; they will knock back phoney claims and cancel a policy, making it hard to find another, like the guy who took a hammer to his car in the hailstorm, hoping to get a new one.

    They will not pay up for damage if you let someone drive the car who was intoxicated or unlicensed or not authorised.

    Insuring a 17 year old’s car in dad’s name is asking for trouble when a claim is made and the insurer wants to know why the driver was not nominated on the policy.

    Some insurance companies will allow young drivers with their own car to drive the family vehicle occasionally, if they are told upfront, and it’s not a Ferrari! Or they might add a surcharge.

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