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A young lady from Bulgaria is presumably glad she spent the money on her 40DD breast implants after they saved her life in a serious car accident.

24 year old, Elena Marinova drove her red Audi through a red light and collided at speed with a VW Golf coming the other way. The driver of the other car was seriously hurt, and both cars were crushed “beyond recognition” but Elena, remarkably had only superficial injuries and even discharged herself from hospital in the northern city of Ruse.

According to the police, her mammoth mammaries had acted as airbags and absorbed the force of the impact, protecting her vital organs and ribcage. The police spokesman did add one note of caution however:

“They are not as safe as the real thing because they exploded, which airbags are not supposed to do.”

Read about it here. And if you can read bulgarian here

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