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Set your videos! Adrian Flux vs HIC on the BBC

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November 9, 2006
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Much excitement yesterday as the BBC turned up to film the grudge match of the football season so far. As King’s Lynn FC are set to travel to Bishops Stortford on Saturday for a crucial FA Cup First Round match.

Challis and Wam

In anticipation of this, an even more crucial footballing tie was arranged, between Steve Yardley, “Wam”, of Flux (based in Lynn) and Paul Challis of Stortford based HIC, the company Adrian Flux bought last year. Wam and Challis are both massive fans of their respective hometown clubs, and so the stage was set for a sporting fixture with more bite than Jermaine Defoe and Mike Tyson put together.

This was Extreme Table Football

BBC film Flux vs HIC table football challenge

HIC boss, Andy Morton, and Flux’s own PDA joined the fray and the stakes were high, both companies backed their respective champions by putting up £500 – the winners football team would win £1,000 in crisp folding money. Even the BBC turned up with floodlights.

A crowd gathered in one of the new Rec Rooms. The tension was palpable as the match kicked off. Despite a promising early 3-0 lead, the Flux team went in at the half-time break trailing 5-3.

The massive home support started to count though, aided by a cocky and overconfident half time interview from Andy, and Wam and PDA stormed into an 8-5 lead after the break. Chalmers and Morton managed to pull it back to 8-7, but Wam put the winner into the back of the net, and the packed room erupted, as the assembled Linnets fans anticipated a similar result on Saturday.

Victory for Flux

PDA’s victory celebrations made Alan Pardew’s verbal assault on Arsene Wenger sound weedier than Pee Wee Herman, and an intervention from the TFA seems likely.

Kings Lynn FC's commercial director, Charlotte Rham, picks up the cash.

All that remained was for the KLFC representative to be presented with the cash, and for Wam & PDA to receive the trophy from Look East’s roving reporter, “World Cup Mike” Liggins.

PDA interviewed by Mike Liggins of BBC Look East

The whole thing will be covered on BBC Look East at 6:30 on Friday (tomorrow), as part of the build up to the Bishops Stortford vs Kings Lynn clash. Anyone outside East Anglia who wants to see it can watch BBC East on Sky Channel 981.


Wam’s classic quotes of the day:

Mike Liggins (BBC):

So, Wam, what does £1,000 mean to a club like King’s Lynn.


Maybe they could buy a few players.

Mike Liggins:

Will you be at the match on Saturday.


Yes I’m taking the train. It’s at 8:56.

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