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Speed is of the Essence

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November 9, 2006
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Everyone seems to be obsessed with speed just at the moment!

First, there was the news all over the papers about the “points sharing scams” featuring some of the ludicrous lengths people will go to to avoid extra points or a ban.

A chap in Manchester is now doing time after inventing a fictitious South African driver, and another got £11,000 fine after pretending to be a fictitious Bulgarian and going so far as to fly to Bulgaria and post a letter back to the authorities.

Much of this kind of behaviour arises through the prospect of a driving ban as well as rocketing prices for insurance after just a few speeding convictions. The government does seem to recognise that the current plethora of highly accurate speed measurement cameras on our roads is causing drivers to lose their licenses over fairly marginal breaches of the limit, as they are now in the process of introducing a much more flexible system of graduated speeding penalties.

With many companies, though your insurance premium is still likely to rocket if you have a couple of motoring convictions, we take a much more understanding approach. See how much you could save with our car insurance for drivers with speeding convictions.

Meanwhile, Frank Bruno has picked up his third SP30.

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