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Bond vs Borat

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December 5, 2006
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The cheeky chaps at Virgin put out a press release claiming that James Bond’s car insurance would come in at around £7,000 for the year.

We reckon we could cover Bond, no problem, and at only £3,750, which is a snip when you consider his driving record and that his Aston DBS costs around £170,000.

Someone like Borat, the Kazakh TV presenter, presents much more of an underwriting challenge, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll pay more – you can find out how much Borat would pay below, where I’ve reproduced our own press release on the subject.

When a mainstream insurance broker put out a story last week about how much it would cost to insure James Bond’s cars, the specialists at Adrian Flux Insurance chuckled.“Never mind all the media hype about a slick fashion clothes horse like Bond,” said Gerry Bucke of Adrian Flux. “What about the real challenge – insuring Borat, the world’s most famous ‘Kazakh’?”

A wealthy civil servant on an unlimited budget – such as Bond – is a piece of cake to insure, argues Bucke, a specialist in ‘insuring the uninsurable’.

Bond drives expensive supercars. Borat has a bodged-up old ice cream van of dubious origins with a bear in the back.

You’d think that ejector seats and missiles would put a rocket under Bond’s premium. But what about Borat’s beat-up bearmobile?

Then, what about the No Claims Bonus? Bond’s been crash-free since 2002 (when Die Another Day was released), so that’s four years’ worth to set against his admittedly patchy accident record. Borat’s only just passed his test, so he’s got no experience whatsoever.

Flux claims to insure any car and any driver: “We’ve got policies for modified cars and for high performance ones, so Bond would be no problem,” says Gerry. “Borat’s more unusual. We do cover ice cream vans, but he might be better off going for a grey import policy, or maybe a kit car scheme. Whatever, we should be able to sort something out.”

And they did. So who came out best?

“For Bond’s Aston Martin DBS, we reckon about £3,750. For Borat, around £900 should do it.”

So Borat wins hands down in the costs stakes. “But only if the bear is a pet”, says Gerry Bucke. Flux would also add Azmat, Borat’s porky sidekick TV producer, to the policy for free.

Adrian Flux has a huge range of policies for the motoring enthusiast. For details contact the Adrian Flux quote line on 08000 83 88 33, email the company at [email protected], or see the Flux homepage on

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