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Norwich Union’s Indian Merry Go Round

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January 31, 2007
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Poor old Norwich Union. It seems that once again their desire to shift as many jobs to Madras as possible has landed them with trouble.

Now it seems that they’ve been forced to move back a few jobs to Norwich, because their Indian household claims staff didn’t understand “cultural differences”. Particular mention has been made of the ‘graduate level’ staff not knowing what an immersion heater does. Presumably, given the rather drastic steps taken, there was no possibility of them being trained either. I suppose they don’t teach basic plumbing and heating on Eastenders.

James Evans, NU’s Media Relations Director, was in forthright mood:

“What we do as a company is see what works and see what we could do better. At the end of the day we don’t want to annoy customers, who we want it to be a good experience for. If something doesn’t work, there’s no point persevering with it.”

But they’re still offshoring another 1,000 jobs to India this year, despite the fact that their own research revealed 51% of their customers were ‘appalled’ by overseas call centres. Now that’s what I call listening to your customers!

If you want to be sure that your home insurance to be handled by someone who isn’t confused by the massive cultural differences between home heating systems, then you could do worse than give us a call on 0800 089 0203, where all of our staff are still based in Norfolk, and know all about household insurance matters. Some of them even watch Eastenders.

One response to “Norwich Union’s Indian Merry Go Round”

  1. Insiders says:

    >Definitely a good selling point having a call centre in the UK rather than outsourcing insurance to india.

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