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Return of the Little Mouse

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January 4, 2007
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With all the launches of retro styled cars like the MINI and New Beetle over the last few years, you’ll probably be feeling left out if you have a hankering for some of the other “peoples’ classics”.

While it seems unlikely that we’ll get a new Morris Minor anytime soon, there is mixed news for fans of the 2CV, which has received a modern update that Citroen apparently like, although nothing concrete has been forthcoming as yet.

For Fiat 500 fans, though the news is excellent, with the new 500 due in 9 months. And unlike the 90’s incarnation of the Cinquecento, this one will get all its styling cues from the Italian classic. Mechanically, though, components will be shared with the Fiat Panda and the new Ford Ka. You can find tons of classic Fiat 500 stuff here.

These eminently sensible cost saving measures mean that, unlike the MINI and Beetle, which have re-emerged as luxury hatches with a premium price tag, the Fiat Nuovo 500 will remain a true car for the people – the projected price tag is a mere £5000 – cheap enough to attract a whole new generation of young Topolino fans.

Fiat have put together a fantastic site, where you can play around with the design elements of the car, play cool games and competitions, and even try your hand at designing some sticker graphics – if your artwork is the best they’ll stick it on a real car.

2 responses to “Return of the Little Mouse”

  1. patrick says:

    >i’ve fell in love with the new 500..I’ve found lots of news about the car, events and competitions (u can win a 500) like pimp ur own version of the car, in the official website:…for the people who love this mythical car…take a look!!that revisitation of the past is really cute!!

  2. zack says:

    >Thank you for the site,it’s really funny.I adore the new fiat 500 too,I’m waiting unpatiently for the 15th september!

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