Motorhome Insurance

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What’s the shortest runway in the world? An aircraft carrier maybe?

Think again!

The shortest runway in the world is the one on the top of this motorhome!

Here at Adrian Flux we can cover all kinds of motorhomes, from the humble VW Camper or Ford Transit conversion, right the way through to the highest spec US RV and Winnebago type motorhomes, and all at fantastic rates. Get your motorhome insurance here, or call free on 08000 83 88 33, but remember that deliberately landing an aeroplane on your roof may invalidate your cover!

  • Insiders

    >Impressive stuff. I like the fact that the camera is still on the camper van whilst the commentator is off onto something else.

    Would be interesting to see if a standard camper van insurance policy covers for this sort of activity!

    Good insurance blog. Keep it up guys.