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Influx and Ferrari

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March 29, 2007
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Everyone with an insurance policy with Adrian Flux should by now have received their copy of influx, the Adrian Flux magazine. As we’ve mentioned before, we didn’t want to just produce an ordinary, boring, corporate magazine that was full of puff pieces about us.

So instead we packed it full with really awesome pictures of some of our favourite cars and bikes, professionally produced articles that any enthusiast would like to read, as well as some of our customer’s own cars with a story to tell.

The end result is, in our opinion, the best car magazine in the UK.

The latest issue is crammed with features on Surfers and their Surf Wagons, Drifting, Group B Rally cars and the Buell Lightning Super TT, amongst 64 pages of unadulterated motoring eye candy.

But the cover story is our test drive of the new Ferrari F430 F1 Spider.

We initially asked Ferrari (if we could take a photo of their new beast of a cabrio. But when we rang them, they asked if we wouldn’t prefer to take it for a test drive. So that’s what happened.

Some lucky so and so (not me, sadly) got to take it this awe inspiring machine on a four day tour of some of the historic racing circuits of Europe – Reims, Le Mans, Spa – and a single page photo turned into a 6 page feature article and wraparound cover.

Ferrari obviously like it, (Link Removed) anyway. We hope you do too.

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