Car Insurance

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We had an absolutely awesome weekend at the French Car Show, at Rockingham raceway, and it’s taken till now to sort through the hundreds and hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of photos we took.

We’ve started putting some of the better ones onto our Flickr, here.

I was there with a few of the other Flux staff, including the Flux Babes. Loads of the visitors were amazed when they realised that every single one of the Flux Babes works in a regular job for us, and they actually do know about insurance.

We also took some videos with various car owners, club members and other folk we met at the show, and we’ll be putting those online soon. I’ll post it here as soon as they’re ready.

If you were there, we hope you had a great time, and hope to see you next year!

If you weren’t, you missed out big time – get down there next year, or you’ll regret it.



    >it was awsome to be in the top 25 and i must say thaks to all the flux girls for the picture oppertunites you created for my pug106 ; )

    P.S thanks dave!