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Naked Woman in a Ferrari stops for cigarettes

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July 27, 2007
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Yes you read that right. Customers and staff at a petrol station near the town of Dömitz, Germany looked on admiringly as a splendid red Ferrari F430 pulled up at the forecourt.

Then came the “drop your bratwurst” moment as a naked blonde climbed out of the passenger seat, and wearing nothing more than a pair of gold stilettos (this is Germany, remember), along with a watch, a bracelet and belly chain, not to mention some substantial tattoos, proceeded to walk into the garage and purchase 6 packets of cigarettes. (The lady behind the counter helpfully confirmed that the mystery nudist was carrying cash in her hand.)

The unclothed Teutonic maiden then calmly walked back to the waiting Ferrari climbed back in, and she and her unseen companion sped off like the proverbial Valkyrie.

But not before a young snapper named Karsten had bagged a couple of photos of the unclad passenger, and, like a true gent, he has published them on the net and had them published in the tabloid Bild.

But the question remains, why?

Bild suggested that perhaps the Ferrari’s air conditioning was broken.
Maybe she was so desperate for a post-coital cigarette that she didn’t stop to put clothes on?

I guess we’ll never know.

But I have checked, and as far as I can tell, if you have a crash whilst driving naked, you will still be covered by your car insurance, although you may be arrested for something else!

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