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Buying a Skyline? Best check with the wife first …

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October 11, 2007
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The R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R is an awesome car. And if you’ve maxed it out with a ton of performance modifications, taking it up to 420bhp in the process, it can probably knock spots off of most supercars you could mention on any track.

Sadly, though for one Jap Import fan, the joys of owning this fearsome beast of a car have come to a premature and unhappy end.

As the clearly disgruntled seller discovered, if you’re in a relationship, your dreams may be cruelly dashed:

Reason for Selling: Purchased without proper consent from the wife. Apparently “do whatever the F**K you want” does not mean what I thought.

So there you are. If you want to purchase the car and give it a good home, just make sure you check with the missus first.

Although as the owner points out insurance for a Nissan Skyline can be a tad expensive and, if you’re young, difficult to even find. Fortunately, Adrian Flux can fix you up with some modified Nissan Skyline insurance, or indeed insurance for any japanese import.

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