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October 4, 2007
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Monday would have been PDA’s 41st Birthday so in memory of our good friend and colleague, the Flux staff had an additional dress down day (or dress up day, you could say.)

In a fitting tribute to the ‘Man’ himself, there was a Competition on the day with a Prize for the person who looked the most ‘Camp’!!!

I hear you all cry that its a fix and that Rob Balls is going to run away with the prize! We totally understand your concerns. So to be fair and to give everyone a fair chance of winning, Rob Balls was excluded from this contest!

After having a wander round and observing everyone the judges decided on a winner – Lloyd Geddes. Even without dressing up Lloyd still took the undisputed title of ‘The Campest of the Camp’. There’s more queen potential in his little finger (Ed: that’s not his little finger in the picture!) than Alex ‘AI’ Field bending Ashley Hewitt over in the boardroom. Congratulations to Lloyd, and a long wished for prize of pink Toni and Guy hair straighteners. He was highly excited when a 12 inch package was produced until he realised batteries weren’t required.

Lloyd was so overcome with emotion at winning that he couldn’t make the speech that he wanted, so on his behalf – thanks go to all of his friends, his colleagues and the readers of ‘Attitude’ magazine.

As the standard of campness was so high, some runners up prizes were in order.

2nd prize went to : ‘The Village Quotes People’ consisting of Steve Rush (sailor), Ashley Hewitt (cowboy), Darren Wood (Indian), Rob Aves (Builder), Gary Edgeley (cop) and Alex Field (bondage biker). After a 5 minute experience with them in the boardroom I am in need of some serious therapy … well done boys! Any volunteers for Steve to carry home a la Richard Gere/Debra Winger, please call ext 209 (look it up you young’uns)

3rd prize went to : David ‘Pimp Dogg’ Wilson who has clearly missed his calling in life – get down the docks and fulfil those dreams David!

4th prize went to : The quotes receptionists, all attired in such a way that it’s a wonder the male quotes floor staff have got any work done today.

Paul Twite, as one of the judges, was barred from entry, but would surely have triumphed with this entry:

All in all a day to remember and if PDA were looking on, he’d be proud of the efforts all of the staff made to out-camp him, even though we never got close to his standard.

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