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Kwik-Fit Insurance join GoCompare in Google Hell

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February 29, 2008
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Kwik-Fit Insurance have picked up a penalty from Google, probably for using the same blog spamming techniques that got GoCompare banned from the search engine.

A search for “kwik fit insurance” currently brings up only the web page of the tyres and parts business, wheras the car insurance site has plummeted 50-odd places. Whilst this probably won’t have had the same devastating impact as on GoCompare, they will certainly be feeling the effects of the missing traffic.

Paying for an advertising link is one thing, but would Kwik Fit be paying for links from sites ostensibly about Crime Scenes or web hosting if any benefit other than a link for the links sake were in their mind. It’s great news for everyone who can’t afford to subvert the structure of the internet in this way, as a sign that Google is making good on its claim to put quality sites to the fore and penalise spammers.

One response to “Kwik-Fit Insurance join GoCompare in Google Hell”

  1. Joe says:

    >Sometimes sites can be penalised though even if they play strictly above board such as someone else registered a (presuably banned) domain and pointed it to the website www . alansairportcars and the result was terrible for Alan. His site vanished from Google almost over night. This website have never used any underhand tactics such as paying for links etc, and yet have lost tons of business due to the dirty seo tactics of a rival company!

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