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Norwich Union’s parent company, Aviva, may be about to pull out of its Indian call centre operations, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph.

Whether this marks the end of home insurance claims staff with no idea what an immersion heater is, or if Aviva are finally getting the message that UK customers don’t like being put through to Chennai whenever they have a question that needs answering.

Looking back on my post a little over a year ago, its fascinating how things have changed. Back then Norwich Union were sending another 1,000 jobs out to the subcontinent. Now they’re bringing them back.

And I mentioned that we had 300 employees – we’re well past 400 now and another new crop are starting this week. All based in the UK, of course, and if you do have trouble understanding them, all you need to do is larn yarself Norfolk, bor.

  • Anonymous

    >Hmm is that why Patrick Snowball had to go??

  • nidge

    >400 employees! You’re gonna have to move into the big league soon and move to Narrich yerselves