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Pimp My Paddy Wagon

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March 17, 2008
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Clearly Brunstrom’s crew at the North Wales police have decided that if you can’t beat them, you may as well join them, and have kitted out a police van with thousands of pounds worth of plod mods.

They reckon if they turn up at cruise events in their modified Ford Transit (resplendent in classic Martini race colours and recently retired from camera duty) they can talk to the participants about road safety. Presumably once the laughter has died down.

Predictably, many people are mocking the police for this, but I think they deserve some credit.

OK, so it’s about as cool as your dad coming out clubbing with you, but at least they’re making an effort to engage with a culture that most police forces don’t even try to understand, much less care about.

The bottom line is, that if a single life is saved, the effort will have been worth it, and by running a modified motor themselves, they might even learn a thing or two.

If any plumbers out there feel inspired enough to kit out their transit van, you know where to come for modified van insurance.

2 responses to “Pimp My Paddy Wagon”

  1. David Ward says:

    >Is it just me or is this a joke. They have pimped a van so theyu can talk to young drivers at events and stuff!! What! Is this tax payers money??

  2. Kevin Robinson says:

    >i think the police officer might of been a boy racer himself and some how persuded his superior to let him pimp out a police van. Good thinking why not spend our money on pimping out a police van it was on the expenses anyway!!!!!!!!

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