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Don’t tut a woman driver…

According to the esteemed Asia Insurance Review, researchers at Queensland University in Australia have found that :

A woman who is chided or criticised by her husband or male companion while she is driving is more than twice as likely to have an accident.

Apparently, 168 female students underwent a computer simulated psychological driving test. Half of the group were informed that the test would find out why men were better drivers then women, the other half were simply told the researchers were exploring the mental processes in driving.

Almost half the former group struck a (computerised) pedestrian who appeared suddenly, but only a quarter of the second group did.

The result of this – if women are bad drivers, it’s probably a bloke’s fault, hence womens’ car insurance is cheaper.

Yep, that must have been what happened here. After a quality attempt at parking, this lady is attempting to reverse out for another go.

Sarah Bennett-Baggs a win.

Sarah BB Spa Race One

Sarah BB Spa Race One

You may remember that we sponsor Sarah Bennett-Baggs, who last year drove a BMW in the Britcar series.

Well this year she’s driving in the Porsche Club Championship, in a 1978 Porsche 911 SC. The first race was Easter Monday at Donington Park, and congratulations are due to Sarah, who finished her first two races with a class win and a third in class finishes. A great achievement – and Sarah is the first woman to win in the history of the Porsche Club Championship.

Sarah has really pushed the boat out this season – as you can see, she’s had an outfit made to co-ordinate with the Flux Babes,

And has even decorated the side of her bright pink Porsche with the URL of this blog.

What’s more Sarah is convinced she can improve in races to come, saying “I am really looking forward to the rest of the season as I am still getting used to racing 30 year old technology!”

Best of luck Sarah. She’ll be at Oulton Park this weekend, and starts as class leader, so I’m sure she’d appreciate any support if you’re in the area.