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Solar car sets insurance first

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July 31, 2008
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At Adrian Flux, we have never shied away from sorting cover for unusual or one-off vehicles, but, just occasionally, something comes along which is truly mould breaking.

So it is with this, the CUER Affinity:

Designed by some clever bods at Cambridge University’s Engineering Department, the Affinity is the UK’s first ever road-legal solar-powered car. And the Cambridge University Eco Racing team wanted to test it out by driving from Lands End to John O’Groats.

That meant that they needed to get the first ever motor insurance policy for a solar powered car, and as specialist brokers, were able to oblige, placing the policy with underwriters Trinity Lane Insurance.

Having proved its mettle on UK roads, despite the vagaries of the British weather, there is no stopping the team and the next stop for them is Zero Rally Africa, a carbon-neutral rally across Zambia, Namibia and South Africa, followed by an entry into the World Solar Challenge across the Australian outback. Best of luck guys, and I’m sure yours won’t be the last solar powered car we insure.

3 responses to “Solar car sets insurance first”

  1. after the event insurance says:

    >Wow, excellent, wish I had me my own solar powered car!

  2. Mike says:

    >That sounds great but where does an electric car stand on road tax with Zero Emissions? Secondly, where can I get one?

  3. Dave Wilson says:

    >Electric cars are zero-rated for Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax), so you would pay nothing for this. The most popular fully electric car currently available on the UK market is probably the G Wiz, available from GoinGreen or on the used car market (lots in London).

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