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Economy problems – can they help us?

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October 17, 2008
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Actually, yes! Don’t believe me? Read on…

I’ve been following the gloomy global financial crisis for several weeks, mainly using some of the information available on BBC’s news website. Reports of retail spending falling, entire industries grinding to a halt and banking systems being crippled have dominated the headlines recently, and it affects us all in many ways.

The price of crude oil has today fallen to $66 a barrel, the Guardian says, its lowest level since August 2007! Gordon Brown is noted to be calling for pump cost cuts and asked retailers to follow Asda and Morrisons’ kind example – drop prices from the UK’s average £1.07 to 99.9p per litre.

So if you’re feeling the pinch at the moment – and many of us are – one way you can save a bit of money is to hop along to – if you’re not already a member, they can tell you the cheapest prices in your area. It’s free to register and I often check the latest prices on there!

Be clever about when you fill up and where, and you could save yourself a small fortune!

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