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National Customer Service Week – the Winners!

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October 21, 2008
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As mentioned previously, the 6th to the 10th October was National Customer Service Week. To celebrate, we gave away prizes to the Customer Service staff, as well as three lucky clients. Staff were awarded prizes if their customer feedback scores were first, second or third out of their team (and trust me, there’s an awful lot of staff, so to come in the top three is an achievement!)

Congratulations to the four overall winners, who were Julie Jackson (bikes), Donna Shepperson (claims), Jade Downes (sterling and cherished) and Sam Mills (SV and gold). All of them provide such a top notch service that they received way over 9 out of 10 on their surveys. Well done!

And now to the fun …  here are some pics of our fun and games winners with their ‘creations’.

That’s all for now …  thanks to all of the Customer Service staff for taking part and having some fun and games at the same time. Same time next year!

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