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Have you ever tried to write a first post on a blog before, only to discover you’re sat there 6 hours later with a blank screen? Yep, sounds like me! “What on Earth do I write?!” has been a question on my mind for a while now. I’m Paul by the way; I’ve been working at Adrian Flux for 4 years (to the month) and have a wealth of IT and Internet-related knowledge through my ever-progressing career path within the Company. Feel free to wave – that’s me in the picture there…

So why am I blogging?

This year sees my gradual move into the Marketing department, where I have managed to bag myself full responsibility of all of our websites (including this one) – from making sure they stay up and running all day long, to designing and developing new features or maintaining existing ones. It’s not for the faint hearted though, let me tell you! It would seem this responsibility also comes with the requirement to submit blog posts – hang on, that was never in the job description? Was it?!

You may have also experienced some of my work if you’ve recently visited the Flux Babes website – as my annual employee review recently pointed out I’ve provided a new talent for future use by photographing the new Flux Babes all the way back in May!

So that’s an introduction – keep your eyes peeled for more posts from me!

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