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Bucke Backs Ronaldo

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January 13, 2009
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As most of you will know, Ronaldo stacked his Ferrari 599 into a roadside barrier. Here’s a before and after of the £200,000 sports car …

Adrian flux have had a bit of publicity from this unfortunate accident. The Guardian focused on the fact Ronnie might have trouble getting a new insurance deal, with Gerry Bucke offering his opinion on the matter. People from AA and Churchill seem very reluctant to insure the Man Utd Winger, with Churchill saying they may not even touch him on a 1.0 L Fiesta. Gerry was the only manager that was prepared to insure him, saying that “anything is possible” and that Flux had already insured a sportsman in his twenties on a McLaren F1.

The quote’s have even made it on Bulgarian and Chinese news sites.

This may well have been the scene shortly after the accident.

Unfortunately for Gerry, rumours of the ‘Fifa Player of 2008’ joining Ipswich in light of these comments have been denied and Real Madrid still remain favourites.

One response to “Bucke Backs Ronaldo”

  1. Mr Business Protection says:

    >He can afford the insurance whatever it is and I’m sure that there are plenty of companies out there itching to take some of his money

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