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Do you have a photocard driving licence?

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January 5, 2009
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Recently I opened my emails to read about driving licences and expiry fines. Seemingly it took a while to reach me, as doing a little research I found the Daily Mail reported this on the 12th September 2008, with numerous copies of the story on loads of different websites.

With a catchy headline of “Unwitting motorists face £1,000 fines as thousands of photocard driving licences expire” it’s hard to ignore it, but if you got one of those lovely photocard driving licences in 1998 or the beginning of 1999 and you haven’t renewed it yet, you could be eligable for a hefty fine.

If you think yours might have expired or is due for renewal soon, take a look at the front of your photocard for the date on section 4b – this is your card expiry date.

Renewing your licence will cost you £17.50; more information can be found here on the Directgov website.

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