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What if a UFO trashes my car?

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January 16, 2009
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A UFO Trashed My Car…

Flux moves to quell alien insurance fears…

Following recent news stories about a UFO allegedly wrecking a wind turbine, specialist car insurance broker Adrian Flux had a call from a curious customer asking what would happen if a UFO crashed into his car. Which got the Flux boffins thinking about what bizarre accidents were or weren’t covered.

Amongst the potential disasters that are covered by normal car insurance schemes, assuming the driver has a comprehensive policy, are:

  • Monkeys wrecking the car on a drive through a safari park.
  • A block of frozen urine dropping from the sky and striking the car.
  • Ditto a meteor.
  • Crashing into a grand piano left on a hairpin bend of an Alpine pass (this one assumes the insurance includes European cover).
  • A kangaroo, on the hop from the local zoo, jumping over the car and wrecking the roof en route.
  • A mastermind criminal, operating from a satellite in geostationary orbit, holding the city council to ransom by taking over the traffic lights and causing gridlock in the streets, during which chaos the car is smashed.
  • A UFO crashing into the car.

However, if the UFO causes an accident by attacking the car, with, say, a photon torpedo, then that would be considered an act of war, and thus would not be covered. Similarly, if an intergalactic war led to Armageddon and resulted in the car being damaged, it would not be covered.

“It gets more complicated if a UFO hits a wind turbine, causing a rotor blade to shear off which then crashes into the car,” says Gerry Bucke of Adrian Flux Insurance Services. “In that case, the car driver’s best hope is that the UFO pilot’s policy is completely up to date, as it would be simplest to make a claim on the alien’s insurance. Otherwise there may be arguments as to who is responsible for the damage to the car …  In the worst case scenario, though, the car would be covered by our policy – it’s just that a claim on it would affect the driver’s No Claims Bonus.”

Adrian Flux aims to offer cheaper car insurance and has a huge range of policies for the motoring enthusiast. For details contact the Adrian Flux quote line on 0800 505 3000, email the company at [email protected], or see the Flux homepage on

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