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Funny Van Drivers

Another Dirty Van

Another Dirty Van

Everyone has probably drawn a ‘humourous’ daubing onto the back of a dirty white van at some point in their lives. But gems such as “Clean Me” and “I wish my wife was this dirty” might have been funny once, but you rarely see anything truly original.

Fortunately, the drivers of these vans are keen to show that they have a sense of humour too, as these splendid examples of the signwriter’s art go to show:

How’s my driving? Don’t tell anyone!

How's my driving? Don't tell anyone!

How’s my driving? Don’t tell anyone!

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The World’s Smallest Car

Perry Watkins, a sales director and car fanatic, has built the smallest car in the world. The 47 year old from Wingrave in Buckinghamshire has built a car that stands at just 39 inches tall and 26 inches wide. Surprisingly Perry can drive the vehicle despite being six foot tall.

Mr Watkins has constructed the world’s smallest car from a Postman Pat children’s ride. After obviously removing Pat and Jess, Perry reinforced the fibreglass shell with a steel frame and mounted it on the body of a mini quad bike. He then added a 150cc engine, lights, indicators, windscreen wipers and washers, making it completely road legal.

The car which has been christened ‘Wind Up‘ is now on the road and insured with Adrian Flux as a modified quad. If you also have something weird and wonderful try Adrian Flux who will insure pretty much anything that is road legal.

The washing machine sized car is not Perry’s only creation. He also holds the record for the world’s lowest street legal car with the ‘Flatmobile‘, a jet powered replica of the Batmobile that is 19 inches tall.

Bennett-Baggs an Aston

Sarah Bennett-Baggs who you may remember from our previous post or the influx article, is a racing driver whom Adrian Flux sponsor… Well she is back for 09 with a brand new car, an Aston Martin N24.

Last year Sarah did really well coming second in class for the 2008 Porsche Club Championship. She managed to cause quite a stir with her bright pink 1978 911 SC and Flux Babe inspired overalls.

With the new car Sarah is competing in the GT Cup, and has already secured a cup with a 2nd in class finish at Brands hatch.

Well done Sarah, keep up the work at Snetterton in June and good luck for the rest of the season.