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Car Park Kitten! (Cat vs. 300 Cars)

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June 19, 2009
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Recently, the talk of the town (well… office) has been about the small kitten that has been wandering around the Adrian Flux staff car park …  amongst three-hundred cars!

This ultimately led to a tidal wave of voluntary, Ace trying to “capture” the kitten and get him to safety …
All to no avail…
The small bundle of joy was obviously feline-fine in his dangerous surroundings (that was an awful pun, I apologise).

Rather extraordinarily, the tiny fluff-ball even got himself under and into a staff member’s engine bay! A problem with the catalytic converter apparently – that too, was awful. I’m just clawing these jokes out of thin air.

The moral of the story is – get Pet Insurance – like our little Flux car park friend, all pets are only a whisker away from danger… and expensive vet bills!

I am happy to report however, that this story does have a happy ending. The thrill-seeking kitten survived his car park nightmare… The RSPCA were on hand to capture and care for him. They inform us after a good feed he will be back to purrrfect condition and given to a loving new family … awww.

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