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All that Thai Jazz

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January 29, 2010
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The Honda Jazz is one of the most popular small(ish) cars in the UK, and is particularly well-loved by one particular segment of the population.

So much so, that in a few short years the Jazz has become the archetypal carriage of people of a certain age. This has even baffled Honda – reputedly Toshiyuki Harada, one of their top executives came to Europe on a factfinding mission. As he was cruising down the M4, he was not overly surprised to see a Jazz screaming past him, like the proverbial bat out of hell. He was surprised to see that its sole occupant was an elderly woman.

In the rest of the world the Jazz is seen as a young person’s car, but Honda seem to have grudgingly accepted that its niche in the UK is as a versatile car for the baby boomers, as evidenced by the Honda UK website which emphasises ‘versatility, flexibility and adaptability’ (er, hang on, aren’t they all the same thing?) as well as the impressive safety credentials.

Compare that to Honda’s Thai site, which, by contrast, extols quite different virtues:

Life is colorful. Make up your world with powerful i-VTEC engine 1.5 litre, 120 PS, green power that is compatible to E20.
Feel sporty in every movement with 5 speed automatic transmission and Paddle Shift control.
Fascinate your world by designing and adjusting your Ultra Seat in various modes. Lets go! Your lifestyle is out there. Feel it! I’m So Jazz!

In Thailand the Jazz is the car for the young guy or girl about town, and the Honda Jazz Club of Thailand is one of the biggest automotive websites in the country with over 25,000 members posting from the comfort of their Ultra Seats.

Luckily, whether you want Honda Jazz insurance for older drivers, or modified car insurance for your Jazz, Adrian Flux can help. We’re So Jazz!

One response to “All that Thai Jazz”

  1. Siya thomas says:

    just bought our first Japanese car i.e. Honda Jazz. Now I
    can understand that why these Japanese car maker are ruling the auto
    industry. Its all about the quality materials, fuel economy and
    resale value they offers to their consumers.

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