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New Jeff Koons BMW Art Car

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February 4, 2010
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BMW have announced, at a glitzy shindig in New York, a brand new art car, which will add to the 17 already made by artists including Roy Lichtenstein’s 320i, Andy Warhol’s M1 and Ernst Fuchs 635CSi, as well as the 3 litre CSL by Frank Stella above.

We’re big fans of the BMW Art Cars, covered in depth over at influx, and there’s no denying the crossover between cars and art.

BMW have caused quite a stir this time, by selecting Jeff Koons, the American artist to adorn an as yet unknown Bimmer. Koons may well be best known for producing works like the gilded statue of Michael Jackson and Bubbles, and the giant Mylar balloon animals that adorn his website, but he is also capable of wielding a brush with some flair, and the finished project, expected in will be worth the wait. Several of his works, such as Winter Bears, are in the Tate Collection, and is well worth a look, if you are near London or Liverpool.

Some have questioned Koons’ appointment, describing his work as kitsch and sensationalist, and it is fair to say that if you think ‘Modern Art is Rubbish,’ he won’t change your mind.

But in celebrating the seemingly banal and worthless, his work can help us to appreciate those things in life which bring us moments of joy, even though others may consider them garish, vulgar and ugly.

And isn’t that exactly what BMW want to sell us?

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