Aviva are set to pay out the biggest car damage insurance claim in history after a Pagani Zonda S was crashed on a test drive.
The accident happened in September last year when a test drive near Aberdeen went wrong, the car spun out of control on a country road and hit a telephone poll before smashing through a fence. The Italian supercar was adjudged to be repairable by Aviva and so they’ve had it sent back to the factory in Modena, Italy to undergo some pretty serious repairs.
The cars are not cheap as are built from carbon fibre, titanium and aircraft aluminium,they cost around £500k and around 10 are made every year. The Zonda S is also insanely quick, it has a 7.3 V12 Mercedes AMG engine with 550 hp, it can rip from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and 0-100mph is done in under 8.
A spokesperson for Aviva told the BBC, “This is the biggest insurance payout we have had for repairs to a private car in the UK.”
The test driver made the claim not the owner of the car, which has saved his wallet somewhat. Not only would that have ruined his no claims bonus but also a £300,000 fault claim would hike your supercar insurance premium up rather a lot.