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A Fresh Lick of Paint

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March 9, 2010
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Long time readers will notice that something looks very different. It goes beyond having a new theme – we’ve migrated from Google’s Blogger service, which we’ve been using since we started the blog in 2006. We had to do this, as Google are discontinuing FTP publishing, We’ve switched to WordPress, which also powers influx, everybodys favourite online car magazine, which gives us the benefit of all the plugins and tweaks available for the platform.
We’re hoping there aren’t too many issues caused by the migration, but the blog has too many pages to check individually these days, so if you do find any broken links or iffy formatting, please drop me a line via the comments, and bear in mind that we still have a few things to fix.

In other news, we’re really pleased to have been named as one of the top 10 UK insurance blogs by our friends at Insiders View. It’s a great honour to be mentioned in the same breath as full time pros like the Times and Guardian money blogs, as well as Jasmine Birtle’s Money Magpie, and other top reads.

Like I say, we hope everything works out, but as with all paint jobs, disaster is only a slight error away and one false move can lead to a hefty claim on your car or home insurance

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