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Bus, Camera, Bollard – Ouch

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April 23, 2010
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It’s Friday afternoon, so what better way to end the week than watching a couple of videos of totally idiotic drivers wrecking their cars through their own impatience, stupidity and inability to read road signs. We’ve featured the Manchester bollards before, as, since then, has every Police video show on TV, but some new ones have come to our attention.

I found myself wondering whether the lads who abandoned their ride in the first smash were in legitimate possession of the vehicle. They certainly made a sharp exit. And looking and the lake of oil that spilled out of the Cayenne you can only imagine the duration of the sharp intake of breath from the Porsche garage. I suspect the financial pain may hurt more than the impact.

I suspect this one did hurt a lot more, though – this is your archetypal crash, with smashed bumpers, water, steam and smoke pouring out of every orifice. Notice how the Mancunian passers-by are so used to this now, that the majority of them calmly cross the road behind the wrecked motor.

After witnessing the immediate aftermath of a high-speed head-on collision between a BMW and truck, earlier this week, in which, thankfully, no-one was seriously injured, despite the BMW being smashed to bits and not inconsiderable damage to the lorry, I was amazed and humbled at the achievements of automotive engineers who have shielded us in protective features. It is worth stopping for a moment in appreciation of the huge amount of safety equipment in cars these days, helping to protect us from our errors.
It’s just a shame these donuts need a bollard to stop them doing something stupid.

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