Lego Bugatti Veyron by SheepoI wonder if you saw the recent-ish post on the Adrian Flux car magazine blog, Influx, about the amazing Ferrari 250 GTO built in Lego by Ming Thien?
Well it was only a matter of time before someone upped the ante, and what could possibly be more desirable than one of the greatest ever Ferraris? Why the world’s most expensive production car, of course, so step forward the Lego Veyron.
And, as reported on Gizmodo, the car goes beyond making a good fist of capturing the lines of the legendary hypercar. In fact, the Lego engineering recreates many of the trademark features of the Veyron, including the retractable spoiler and air-brake and working, fully independent suspension. The whole car is radio controlled, and it features a working 7-speed sequential gearbox. No wait, that’s 7 plus reverse. Here, see for yourself:

There’s no word as yet as to whether genius creator Sheepo HL, has a girlfriend, or indeed any kind of social life, and we can only guess how long it takes to build these kind of mental Lego Technic skills. You can check out more of the car’s features here and see how Sheepo managed to include a feature that even the real Veyron couldn’t manage.