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Modified Caravan Insurance Tips

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May 12, 2010
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By nature, caravan enthusiasts are tinkerers. For some, replacing a defective window seal is as far as they get. But others are more adventurous and only just stop short of rebuilding the entire caravan.

Then there”re those with a more artistic bent who add their own graphics such as a string of camels down the side for that real caravan look, flames and devil horns for the hard rockers, flowers for aging hippies and shiny chrome trim for the flashy types. They’re all out there – somewhere!

Of course it”s great to make alterations and create the perfect caravan – one that will be the envy of the park. But what seems like a dream machine to the caravan owner may be a nightmare to the insurance company. Some unlucky people find it impossible to get cover unless they know who to approach.
Although most people don”t get up to too much in the way of modifications, there are some exotic innovations around. A few caravan fanatics have even fitted a bath into their caravans – just imagine how many Aquarolls they”d need to fill the bath. And, after all that exertion they’ll certainly need a good wash!
Our caravan insurance policies are designed to cope with the unusual and unexpected, so if you need insurance for your custom ‘van, you know where to come…

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